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  • From world leaders in rubber products!
  • Reinforced edges for protection against curbing and maximising efficiency across the width 
  • Seamless one-piece vulcanisation of the track,  tread and guide lugs
  • Dual angle tread bars maximising comfort by reducing vibration and increasing traction
  • High tensile inner cables
  • From world leaders in rubber products!
  • Highest quality rubber compound on the market.
  • Seamless one-piece vulcanisation of track, tread and guide-lugs.
  • Dual angle tread bars maximising comfort by reducing vibration and increasing traction.
  • High tensile inner cables.
  • 43mm carcass with reinforced edges for protection against curbing and maximising edge efficiency across the width.
  • One-Piece Vulcanisation

    Most tracks are made of multiple parts all held together by glue. But not Bridgestone tracks. Ours are vulcanised as a single piece of rubber. No seams, no joins on the tread lugs or the inner guide lugs. Everything is cured together as one piece. The strain exerted on the track during operation is therefore spread throughout the entire track. That's one reason why nothing falls off prematurely.
    One-Piece Vulcanisation
  • Pro-Edge Side Wall Protection

    Exposed track edges are vulnerable from damage particularly during hard turns. Our Pro-Edge sidewall protection delivers thicker, more rigid track edges. It's the key to longer service life when working on rocky terrain.
    Pro-Edge Side Wall Protection
  • Cable/Ply Package Design

    High performance corrosion resistant steel cables within the cable/ply package are designed to meet the demands of today's high-horse power farm equipment. A precise balance of tensile strength and flexibility provides exceptional durability.

    Our cable/ply package helps minimise uneven load distribution, reducing wear and damage to the inner rubber surface of the track.

    Cable/Ply Package Design
  • Double Angled Tread Bars

    Our double-angled tread bars don't cut as deeply into the ground ensuring you'll leave your soil in good shape for the next planting. Our 23 degree bar angle is designed to provide optimised traction, less slippage and superior self-cleaning in muddy conditions.

    Double Angled Tread Bars
  • Self-Centering Technology

    Most manufacturers guide lugs float horizontally between the drive wheels. The sides of the guide lugs wear as they make contact. However, to improve alignment Bridgestone has applied a tapered profile to the guide lugs on JD9000T and 9RT models so they stay naturally centered, reducing wear significantly. Thicker track edges also help with self-centering on all models.

    Self-Centering Technology