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Clean Air Farming Event

Net Zero farming goals may be in reach sooner than you think…

Clean air vehicles including the world’s first methane tractor, the UK’s first electric 4×4 off road vehicle and an electric telehandler will be on demonstration at the Farming for Clean Air event at Cambridge University’s Park Farm, Madingley on 7th September 2021.

After months of lockdowns, with no meetings or agricultural shows, Anglia Rural Consultants are holding a field day like no other, where farmers and advisors can look at working machinery, peer at kit, kick tyres and ask awkward questions. In time out following harvest, they’ll also learn how to minimise the smell of slurry and help the planet.

The T6.180 Methane Powered tractor from New Holland, who pledged to be the clean energy leader in tractor manufacturing, will provide a demonstration at the event. New Holland’s David Redman commented that ‘’The T6.180 is ideally suited to road and field work on a farm with its own AD plant/biodigester that can be used as a fuel source, providing the opportunity to refill as required at very low fuel costs.”

Meanwhile the Spartan EV off road 4×4 is leading the way as a workhorse vehicle for farm duties, the first of its kind in the UK. MW Motors spotted a gap in the market following the discontinuation of the Land Rover Defender and plan to roll out the model from September. UK sales manager Rosh Mendis commented ‘The Spartan EV is the first true electric vehicle capable of handling off road and all terrain conditions, making it the ideal vehicle for the farm. We look forward to demonstrating the vehicle at the Clean Air for Farming event’.

Mary Dimambro, independent farm consultant said: ‘The UK has committed to reducing its ammonia emissions by a challenging 16% by 2030 and Defra has produced a Clean Air Strategy, laying out what agriculture has to do to help make that happen. There are some really significant changes that farmers need to know about, which we will discuss and demonstrate during this event.’ These include:
• Low emissions spreading by 2025.
• Cover slurry and digestate stores by 2027.
• New design standards for livestock housing.

The Farming for Clean Air event will show farmers how to comply with demonstrations, access information and make best use of industry experts at hand.

Anglia Rural Consultants (ARC), in partnership with Cambridge University are running a half day event: ‘Farming for Clean Air – reducing emissions from slurry and digestate’ on 7th September at Cambridge University’s Park Farm, Madingley, Cambridge, CB23 8YW.
Mr Paul Kelly, Dairy Farm Manager for the University of Cambridge, said: ‘As farmers, we are going to have a vital role in helping the UK meet its carbon targets. We are committed to net zero by 2040, to eliminating run-off and to improving air quality.’ ‘There is equipment that will help us to achieve this and so we are delighted to host this Clean Air Field day with Anglia Rural Consultants as well as many trade exhibitors to show what has to be done and how to do it. It’s also great to be able to hold a farm show again; we’ll keep visitors safe – please come along and see what is on offer.’
At the event, there will be:
• State of the art machinery and vehicle demonstrations powered by methane or electric
• Working demonstrations of slurry and digestate application by tanker and umbilical, using trailing shoe and dribble bar equipment.
• A tour of Cambridge University’s new AD plant and slurry/digestate store
• Talks on future regulatory changes and future grants by independent consultant Dr. Mary Dimambro and Patrick Welsh of Catchment Sensitive Farming
• Exhibitors who have the equipment, knowledge and skills to help farmers meet the new regulations
The event is free to attend but you must register in advance. Refreshments will be available.
To book a place at either the morning or afternoon session, you should go to https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/anglia-rural-consultants-arc-11975217818.
Or via the ARC website: https://www.angliaruralconsultants.com/news-events-and-insights/
Numbers will be limited and current COVID-19 regulations and recommendations will be followed.

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