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Designed and engineered in Italy.


  • Can be fitted directly to the final drive, with no complex bracketry needed.
  • Larger surface area and the ability of the rollers to move with the contours provides superior ride comfort, especially over old furrows and tramlines.
  • Reduced rutting and increased stability keeps the machine level lessening the risk of equipment damage.
  • Able to carry very heavy weights. The Poluzzi Ultron can take up to 16,000 kg per track!

Why Choose Tracks

  • No Scuffing

    No scuffing when turning on a four track system.

    No Scuffing
  • Increase Stability

    Increase stability when using large machinery. The large surface area allows you to glide over any ruts. Save fuel by reducing slippage and transferring the full power to the ground.

    Increase Stability
  • Reduce Compaction

    Reduce your losses with the ability to work your crops in any weather conditions. Prevent rutting - no need to go back and rework your soil.

    Reduce Compaction
  • Preserve Soil

    Preserve your soil structure and optimise your harvest quality.

    Preserve Soil