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CLAAS LEXION TT: 480, 560, 570, 580, 600, 660, 670, 740, 750, 760, 770, 780, 6700, 6800, 6900, 7500, 7600, 7700, 8900, 8000, 8600, 8700, 8800, 8900 

GRIMME VARITRON: 220, 270,470 / TECTRON: 415 / MAXTRON: 620 II  


  • Unique Serial Number

    Every track incorporates a unique embossed serial number for quality control & traceability.

    Unique Serial Number
  • Drive / Guide Lugs

    Every Stryder has extra tough, fully reinforced drive/guide lugs to suit friction & positive drive tractors.
    Drive / Guide Lugs
  • New Super Duty Agtread Design

    New super duty Agtread design with larger tread voids and thicker carcass. All 6inch tread pitch tracks incorporate anti vibration design. Class leading pro rata warranty. Wider wire plies for longer life. Main cables are copper coated to provide corrosion resistance and enhance rubber bonding to the cables. Latest technology rubber compounds ensuring a class leading cut & chip resistance. More wire in each ply than competitors.
    New Super Duty Agtread Design
  • Single Piece Mould Design

    Reduced risk of tread or guide lug delamination or tear-off. Peace-of-mind and longevity built in.
    Single Piece Mould Design

    Part Number

    Technical Information

    Price Trade Price Track Brand Track Model Width Width mm Pitch Pitch mm No of Lugs Drive Machine Brand Machine Model Machine Model
    £6,746 £6,386 BRIDGESTONE CLS 4 30″ 762 6″ 152.4 53 Friction Drive CAT Challenger 35/45/55 35/45/55
    Track Length Tread QTY Tread Height(mm) Guide Lug QTY Plies Main Cable diameter(mm) Carcass thickness(mm) Weight (kg) Bridegestone Part Numbers Camso part numbers Outland/Supplier Part No    
      106 50 53 3 4.5 37/46   43053IBNCA 2500 series- A30AH03305, 3500 series- 630-3009 762 x 53 x 152.4IN    
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    Size Specifications

    Also comes in the heavy duty range with on average 11% thicker carcass and tread height for increased durability and longer wear

    SizeModelWidthWeightPitchQuantityHeightPliesCable diameter(mm)Thickness(mm)Part Number Equivalent 
    25 x 6 x 44HEAVY DUTY25″/635mm4406″/152.4mm886556.437  Enquire
    25 x 6.75 x 39SUPER DUTY25″/635mm06.75″/171.45mm766645.441  Enquire
    25 x 7.8 x 34HEAVY DUTY25″/635mm4567.8″/198mm687056.441  Enquire
    30 x 6 x 44HEAVY DUTY30″/762mm5256″/152.4mm886556.437  Enquire
    30 x 7.8 x 34HEAVY DUTY30″/762mm5487.8″/198mm687056.441  Enquire
    32 x 6 x 44SUPER DUTY32″/762mm8006″/152.4mm       Enquire
    35 x 6 x 44HEAVY DUTY35″/889mm6246″/152.4mm886556.437  Enquire
    36 x 6 x 44HEAVY DUTY36″/915mm06″/152.4mm886556.437  Enquire
    36 x 7.8 x 34HEAVY DUTY36″/915mm07.8″/198mm687056.441  Enquire
    Warranty Policy

    Also comes in the heavy duty range with on average 11% thicker carcass and tread height for increased durability and longer wear


    30 Days Money Back Guarantee

    We offer 30 days money back guarantee on ALL our STRYDER tracks. Please note that the customer will need to pay both ways shipping and fitting charges.

    money back guarantee