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The Evolution of Outland

At Outland, our ethos has always been centred around family orientated farming. After all, that’s where it all began back in 1911, when Sidney Brock started farming at our Woodhams Farm base in Essex. As we continue to grow, we are proud to keep family farming at our core.

Our story starts from a foundation many farmers will be familiar with as we focused on crop production to earn our living. But by the mid 20th century, in the years after the second world war, Joseph Brock decided to shift his focus from farming crops and instead explore a new avenue. Originally an arable farmer, but with an interest in the mechanical side of farming, Joseph realised he could sell machinery, goods and services and bring his passion and expertise to a wider audience.

He experimented with buying, refurbishing and selling farm machinery and this proved popular with the local farming community. As customer need increased, so too did staff, and his sons Philip, Stuart and Mark joined the business. In 1988, J Brock and Sons began selling second-hand farm machinery to the farming industry.

In 2003 Stuart opened a Wheel and Tyre department, selling specialist products along with expert advice to farmers across the country. As demand increased, it became clear that a dedicated and focused team would deliver a better service to our growing customer base, and in 2012, Brocks Wheel and Tyre Ltd (BWT Ltd) was established as a company in its own right – still sharing the same ethos and values that our customers have come to expect from J Brock and Sons – but with a more tailored, streamlined approach to this specific section of our business.

Today, Brocks Wheel and Tyre are proud to be innovators in the ag wheel industry, specialising in supplying wheel and tyre assemblies for agricultural machinery, with two sub sections – BWT Core and BWT Bespoke, both serving customers based on their identified need.

J Brock and Sons also operates to this day, spanning over 3 decades in the field, sourcing, servicing and selling a huge range of second-hand and brand-new farm machinery. They serve a wide range of industries including construction, marine, aviation and civil engineering – to name but a few!

Finally, this brings us to our most recent progression! In 2020, we established Outland Ltd as specialist suppliers of tyres and tracks for tough farming conditions. We offer a huge range of new and part-worn tractor tyres and supply high-end tracks for farmers looking to be more efficient, and therefore productive. We provide beneficial services that not all our customers may be aware of, such as offering to fit brand-new tyres at Woodhams Farm.

From humble beginnings we have built a brand that farmers have come to trust and one that continues to expand across counties, countries and continents. With ambitious plans for the future, we continue to develop our global offer; being the number one choice for farmers – both locally and further afield.

Today we continue to build our Outland brand based on the core values of honesty and integrity that kept us grounded from the start. We are a close-knit team who care about each and every customer we serve. Many of us have our own story to tell; our own unique part of farming history that has spanned the last 100 years. To find out more about our individual roles within the team, please feel free to take a look here.

At Outland, farming is our foundation. It’s what started us on our journey over 100 years ago and it’s what continues to drive our mission forwards to this day. We hope you have enjoyed finding out a little more about who we are and what we do, but if you require any further information then please don’t hesitate to get in touch – a member of our team will be pleased to help.

At Outland, we pride ourselves on always being at-hand to provide an exceptional customer service, offering farmers fuss free, reliable and robust solutions to the agricultural issues of today.